Konkura Review

Konkura? What is this? Konkura is a fantastic website full of fitness challenges, built to get the world moving! "Oh, I'm not an athlete. I can't join," you say. I say, "Oh, yes, you can!" Kondura's challenges are geared toward all fitness levels, ages, strengths, interests and abilities. I toured the site and was amazed at the challenge categories and participation. Can't find a challenge that fits your interest? Create one and post it! There are challenges for general fitness, strength and endurance, climbing wall and rowing challenges. Swimming, martial arts, cycling, cricket, rugby and golf are a few more areas to test your skills. I'm not a big golf fan, I'm horrible, but, I did particularly like the "indoor golf chip-in" challenge. (By the way, currently there is only competitor in this challenge.) I love the "eat clean for the month challenge".

Konkura's obejective is to motivate people through a little friendly competition. The idea is to pick your challenge, or devise your own, do your best, be honest, and post your results. (Of course, it is not mandatory to post your results.) There are many ways to get friends and family members in on some good healthy competition. Trainers, challenge your clients. Clients challenge your trainers! The home page says it all, "challlenge yourself, challenge your friends, challenge the world!"

Personally, I must compete in the wall sit competition and 500 meter row.

Make sure to check it out!



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